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RDS-Knight 3.0 Detects and Stops Ransomware

In May 2017, a massive cyber-attack was unleashed and affected more than 300 000 computers worldwide. It was the initial outbreak of WannaCry, a ransomware software which blocks access to the most valuable victim’s files unless a ransom is paid. Since then, homes and businesses running Windows operating system are continuously threatened by ransomware attacks. TSplus provided Secure Remote Desktop all around the world and developed RDS-Knight as a cybersecurity tool to make the use of RDS servers even safer. That is why it was paramount to add one more protection against ransomware.

RDS-Knight 3.0 Ultimate Provides Anti-Ransomware 

In most cases, antivirus applications should quickly clear up any malware. But when ransomware is involved, they’re not any help. It’s a nightmare for a business: every hour of lost productivity might cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, while ransomware attacks are on the rise, so are the techniques for fighting them.

We pushed the protection as far as possible to overrun the ransomware and immediately suspend its activity.
Finally, we are confident RDS-Knight Ransomware will protect your data against these serious and always evolving threats.

Thomas Montalcino

Add-on Development Manager

RDS-Knight provides a powerful cyber-weapon to prevent business from catastrophic events by removing ransomware at an early stage. Installed with TSplus, it will efficiently alert users as soon as a ransomware attack is taking place on the remote session. It automatically displays the list of infected items and suspicious programs that have been detected and need to be quarantined. Only the Administrator can then decide to white-list them. With access to detailed information about the attack source, RDS administrators gain knowledge to avoid this type of threat and keep using TSplus securely.

Ransomware is an evolving field; RDS-Knight Anti-Ransomware will evolve as well: it integrates the most common crypto methods as well as foreseeable changes for optimal protection. 

This game-changing feature comes along with five other strong protections in the latest 3.0 version of RDS-Knight Ultimate license:

  • Homeland Protection prevents foreign attackers from opening a session.
  • Prevents Brute-Force Attacks: blacklists the offending IP addresses.
  • Working Hours Restriction: prohibits users from connecting at night (per Users or Groups).
  • One Click to Secure Desktop: provides a highly secured user’s environment (per Users or Groups).
  • End-Point Device Protection: restricts access per device (per Users).

RDS-Knight exists also in Essentials edition, a security tool-box that every TSplus administrator needs to secure RDS servers. The new release contains others great features and enhancements, detailed in TSplus 11.60 Release Note.

TSplus most recent releases (from the 11.40) embeds a trial version of RDS-Knight Ultimate. Otherwise, You can also download and test it on your Windows RDS Server directly from the website

Source: Terminalserviceplus.com


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