BLACKBOXSECU Unveils Industry’s First Universal Audio Encryptor, CBOX VoIP, for Secure Voice Communication Powered by Deep Learning Technology

BLACKBOXSECU has released CBOX VoIP, a new product, which is designed to secure voice communication over VoIP networks. Powered by a Deep Learning technology for voice signal transmission, CBOX VoIP voice encryptor provides the highest level of confidentiality for voice communication over fixed-line phones and internet communicators.

Utilizing both advanced adaptive voice communication methods and a high level of encryption, CBOX VoIP protects organizations and professionals from illegal eavesdropping and communication spying. The increase of voice call interception is an imminent threat to privacy, business continuity, and growth.

“Today’s world is more dangerous than ever. To assure further business growth, and ensure their privacy and confidentiality, businesses leaders, lawyers, organizations and professionals must protect their phones and internet conversations,” said Kris Barcewicz, Chief Executive Officer of BLACKBOXSECU. “By leveraging Deep Learning and a high-level encryption algorithm that addresses insecure communication channels, CBOX VoIP will truly help our clients secure their voice communication, independently of their devices or network operators. Thus, our customers can focus on their growing businesses, and remaining competitive without the fear of being intercepted.”

Based on a stand-alone box, the CBOX® performs encryption of audio signals directly at the source of voice (microphone of user headset) as well as the symmetrical operation, namely the decryption.

The CBOX® is a cipher box that is connected between a voice transmission device (phone, tablet, PC) and a headset. It is independent of the medium of transmission (mobile or fixed telephone, computer, etc.), plug & play, and does not require any extra IT infrastructure. It works in tandem with another box to secure voice communications at each end, and thus protects the exchange of sensitive information between two parties.


Based in France’s innovation hub, Sophia Antipolis, BlackBoxSecu® provides security solutions against phone tapping and eavesdropping, for audio communication systems (smartphones, fixed lines, VoIP and radios). BLACKBOXSECU develops its encrypted voice military grade products in order to fight against snooping and industrial secrets or data leakage.

BLACKBOXSECU’s solution is positioned as the reference for private and professional security solutions for large companies, governments, executives, lawyers, and VIPs. 

The company has been awarded the Innovation Award of Special Forces SOFINS 2017, Trophées de la Sécurité 2017 (Bronze medal) in France and has been selected by Village by CA (Crédit Agricole) for startup programs acceleration.


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