Bluetooth Hacking Tools Part – I

There are some tools essential for bluetooth hacking purpose:

1. BlueScanner: In this the tool hacker searches for bluetooth enable device. After that it will try to extract as much information as possible for each newly discovered device .

2. BlueSniff: Blue Sniff is a GUI-based utility for finding discoverable and hidden Bluetooth-enabled devices.

3. BlueBugger: The buggers exploit the vulnerability of the device. The bluebugger is set for the bluetooth security holes found in some bluetooth- enabled device. They can access the images, phone-book , messages and other personal information.

Bluetooth hacking tools

4. Bluesnarfer: Bluesnarfing is a serious problem which is discovered in several Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. If a Bluetooth of an device is switch on, then it is possible to connect to the phone without alerting the owner, and gain to access to restricted portions of the stored data .

5. BlueDiving: Bluediving is a Bluetooth penetration testing. It implements attacks like Bluebug, BlueSnarf, BlueSnarf++, BlueSmack. While also has features such as Bluetooth address spoofing, an AT and a RFCOMM socket shell and implements tools like carwhisperer, L2CAP ,packetgenerator, L2CAP connection resetter, RFCOMM scanner and greenplaque scanning mode .

6. Transient Bluetooth Environment Auditor : T-BEAR is a security-auditing platform for the Bluetooth-enabled devices. The platform consists of Bluetooth discovery tools, sniffing tools and also various cracking tools.

Their also some more hacking tools such as the BTBrowser, BTCrawler,
Can I hack With Bluetooth (CIHWB), BTcrack, BlueTest, BTAudit