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Car Whisperer Attack Explained

A car whisperer is type of an attack in which the car kits targeted. The car whispering was first practiced and introduced by the martin herfurt.

In simple word it can explained as that giving commands to the car orelse trying to have control on the car. The these whole car kit is controlled by the attacker or hacker. Basically it is done by injection audio or recording the audio in the car.

For injecting audio in the car ,there is need to create a connection between the  two devices. The  devices are controlled with the help of the handset and hands free by the hacker. The hacker keeps a eavesdrop on the car conversion.

For establishment of the connection there are some preset standard  pass-key  on the handsets. Then the attacker sends the audio to ,recording  audio from handset to the car. Initially for the connection the Bluetooth enabled device searches for class ,if the same class device is formed it establish the  connection. The passkey that is required for the initial connection to the

Device which  is provided by the car whisper_pin.pl script that replaces the official Bluez
PIN helper .The hardware device used is the toned dongle and  directional anteena to keep both devices in the range. By this an hacker can controlled  a car sitting in the another place.


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