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How To Set Up SSH Tunnel : SSH Tunneling Crash Course (Bypassing Firewalls)

This is a Guest Post by “ John jeffrey  ” ,   He shares his tips about Hacking and security at Hackaholic To view his complete profile click Here

In this tutorial I am explaining all about SSH (secure shell ) and explain  How to make a SSH tunnel & how youc an use it for casual firewall bypassing & anonymous browsing on protected networks of offices & schools.

What is SSH ? And what is it used for ?

Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices
All the data sent between them are encrypted not like Telnet where all data are sent in plain text . Default port used for SSH
is 22 . Since all data are encrypted it used for secure connections between a server and client and It is Used for Secure File Transfer .

What is SSH tunneling?


A Secure Shell (SSH) tunnel consists of an encrypted tunnel created through a SSH protocol connection. Users may set up SSH tunnels to transfer unencrypted traffic over a network through an encrypted channel. For example, Windows machines can share files using the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, a non-encrypted protocol. If one were to mount a Microsoft Windows file-system remotely through the Internet, someone snooping on the connection could see transferred files. To mount the Windows file-system securely, one can establish an SSH tunnel that routes all SMB traffic to the remote fileserver through an encrypted channel. Even though the SMB protocol itself contains no encryption, the encrypted SSH channel through which it travels offers security

What is the use of SSH tunneling ?


SSH tunneling can be used for different purposes . I use SSH tunneling in cafes for secure browsing , I use it  in college to Bypass firewalls to view restricted websites and even use it for anonymous browsing

How do I create an SSH tunnel & Hack With it ?


Follow this step by step guide on How To Set Up SSH Tunnel For Bypassing the Firewalls & anonymous browsing.


Things you’ll need for performing SSH Tunneling:

1. First thing you need is  to find a SSH server for SSH access there are lots of free SSH providers try
googling them or you can create your own SSH server using openSSH

2. Putty witch is an open source SSH client .You can download putty from Here

Setting up our SSH Tunnel


1. After downloading putty open it .Now  enter  the Host name or the Ip address of the SSH server as

2. Now check the SSH radio button and enter port no as 22

3. Now open Tunnels in SSH options and enter the source port as 8888 (you can use any port) Now
check dynamic radio button

4. Now click open and login with your SSH account details

5. Now we have to configure our web browser to use the SSH connection in my case its FireFox

6. Open Firefox go to Tools ——- > options ——- > advanced  now click network tab and click

7. Now check manual proxy and enter local host as the Socks host  and enter the port no as 8888 and finally click apply that’s it we have created  our SSH tunnel

8. To check your SSH tunnel you can go to whatismyip.com . Now you can see the ip address of the
SSH server .You can also use wireshark or any other network protocol analyzer to see  all the traffic
is  encrypted as shown

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