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CEX.IO Driving Progress: First to Implement the Overwinter Upgrade

London, June 29th

CEX.IO is among the first services to update Zcash software following the release of the network upgrade called Overwinter.

The Zcash network has recently been upgraded for the first time in its history. This is the first step toward a more advanced network. Among all exchanges, wallets, and other services supporting Zcash transactions, CEX.IO was the first to update its software and ensure that users can initiate transactions on the upgraded network safely.

CEX.IO stays abreast of industry events and welcomes progress for cryptocurrencies, as evidenced by their prompt upgrading of Zcash software. Soon after the Overwinter upgrade was successfully implemented, the CEX.IO team thoroughly tested transactions and made sure that they were secure and running smoothly.

The recent Zcash upgrade allows for more frequent system updates and sets the basis for future improvements. As CEX.IO CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych says: “Being one of the pioneers in crypto, CEX.IO stands for any advancement serving as a driver of progress. We support any changes that benefit our users and the whole crypto community.” With Zcash, it’s expected that this upgrade will create conditions for further advancements.

As a service related to cryptocurrencies, CEX.IO is determined to become more than just an online exchange. The CEX.IO team is doing their best to introduce crypto to as many people as possible, allowing for the spread of decentralized digital currencies. CEX.IO is always supportive of ideas that add value to the crypto sphere and benefit the whole crypto community.

CEX.IO is a London-based online cryptocurrency exchange that’s been functioning since 2013. The company’s focus is on making crypto more approachable to people all over the world. A crucial feature of the platform is support for fast, reliable, and secure cryptocurrency purchases with Visa/Mastercard, allowing more people access to cryptocurrencies.


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