Pay your Ferrari rent with Bitcoin – now accepts cryptocurrency

June 29th, 2017, Tallinn, Estonia – Lurento, marketplace for high-end car rental today announced it has added Bitcoin as a payment option. Discerning travelers can now rent luxury and sports cars in 70 cities in Europe and, for the first time, pay the rent with BTC.

“Easiness and security in booking process are our top priority and Bitcoin brings exactly that to the table”, says Mihailo Dhoric, CEO. “Our customers can book instantly at any time so there are no restrictions or delays. You can book a flight or arrange a family vacation and pay in Bitcoins. Renting a luxury or sports car shouldn’t be any different”, Mihailo adds.

Customers can now rent any of 700+ vehicles available on Lurento and pay with BTC. To rent Ferrari 488 Spider in Florence for a day you’ll need 0.47 BTC while a week-long road trip from Monaco to Barcelona in Mercedes S Class Convertible will cost you 1.58 BTC. To check the latest rates visit Lurento’s website.

“We have strict security and fraud protection policies, so there is no reason to postpone this decision. Bitcoin delivers nearly frictionless transactions and the processing fees are low”, Mihailo continues. “However, Bitcoin value is volatile and we have to protect our partners. All settlements will be done in national currencies”.

Lurento partnered with Spectrocoin to integrate BTC payments on The British company is particularly experienced in European market and it was reasonable to choose them given that Lurento operates in Europe.

More companies are responding to the trend, from travel agencies to airlines. Bitcoin is accepted as universal currency, and it is only natural for travel companies to explore these options and attract more people. However, both car rental and luxury services industry are falling behind.

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