DAO.Casino announces partnership with Starbase to conquer Japanese Market

Japan is an innovation powerhouse, but it’s not trivial to kickstart your project there unless you’re a local. That’s why we’re partnering with Starbase. Why we want to be represented in Japan? Well, for example Japan’s mobile gaming market is huge, despite of the fact that Japan shuns gambling, this means a lot of cool game devs.

Secondly, blockchain tech is very hot in Japan yes, it’s hot in many places, but Japan is one of the places in the world that is about to go nuts. Japanese govt is currently piloting a government contract system on blockchains. That means a lot of developers would be incentivised to learn skills needed to work with decentralised tech, blockchains in particular.

Last but not the least reasons is a personality of Starbase founder himself. When it comes down to building communities from scratch?—?he’s a machine.

First time we met Tomoaki Sato, at Ethereum DEVCON1 in London. It’s a longtime in blockchain years. Back then he was already very active in promoting decentralised tech, and building Ethereum community in Japan, connecting developers and enterprise, running meetups and workshops?—?so to say he was already hooked on Ethereum.

This is quite important, because back then Ethereum wasn’t such a big thing and a buzzword as it is now, neither was decentralised tech, and most people and large corporates looked at this technology as some weird sci-fi (apart from IBM and Microsoft who probably didn’t mind sci-fi at that time).

For the past few years Tomoaki met with decentralised tech mad scientists and entrepreneurs around the world, followed crowdsales, and protocol level developments. Starbase grew out of his community efforts in Japan, hanging out with developers and learning solidity by himself. Decentralised tech goes hand in hand with new forms of raising capital. Right now interest in blockchain technology in Asia is quite high, but when Tomoaki started there were hardly any meetups covering anything but payments.

Starbase is a hybrid of a crowdfunding platform and an accelerator, but perhaps, it makes little sense to compare this project to something that existed before. Their goal is to make it easier for everyone to benefit from blockchain based crowdfunding, and apart from raising funds also connect teams, new team members, create communities and offer training.

We have been following development of each other’s ideas and projects for a while, and decided to partner up. Starbase will reach out to game dev teams and solidity devs based in Japan and elsewhere, DAO.Casino will provide a PRNG methods for the games, bankroll backing system and a use case. Another thing is PRNG methods are useful not only for gambling games. For example in the design of staking pools.

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