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Ethical Hacking Guide For Beginners

I find many of the guys, who are willing to become an professional ethical hackers. All these aspiring ethical hackers search some tutorials across Internet, and very few of them are lucky to go on right track. Then I came across this – “Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking” by Rafay Baloch  . I just quick ran through its content & found out that- if you want to take a first step towards your career in security, you must go for this book.

A Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking

Rafay has summarized some of the great topics, that the beginners need to understand before directly jumping in to tools. As he is a professional in the security section, he know exactly which basics are must & where newbies can make mistakes.

A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking, is basically an E book for starting up your career in Ethical Hacking. If you are curious what exactly Rafay has included in this E Book,  check out following.

What is included in the Guide ?

Securing you personal computers from Hack attacks

Basics of ethical hacking

How to think like hackers (So You can track them)

Securing systems from Trojans, Malwares, Worms & Viruses.

Professional Guidance for your future steps.

And lot more …

Free Bonus With This Book !!!

The two free bonuses you are getting with this e book are :

  • 1000 Hacking Tutorial : Hacking Tutorials contains1000 of the best hacking tutorials of 2010 leaked on the Internet!
  • Set of Phishers : You will also get a set of 30+ phishers(Fake login page) created personally by Rafay Baloch.

Don’t loose this great product, which is available with this offers for limited time. I highly recommend this guide for all who want to start up their career in Ethical Hacking.

To get detailed information about this great book Click Here

To Buy Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking Click Here


  1. Avatar
    rahul September 20, 2010

    hi,nice articals dude.doing a great job

  2. Avatar
    ravi November 29, 2010

    pls tell me about it
    and index or content

  3. Avatar
    Amol Wagh December 01, 2010

    1.Password Hacking
    2.Password Cracking
    3.Windows Hacking
    4.Website Hacking
    5.Wifi Hacking

    and lots more…

  4. Avatar
    lantjie December 15, 2010

    hey guys i am a student in suriname and i would like to have a copy of the book, but i can’t,because all my money goes to school.

    my question is if rafay or one of you guys could help me out with a copy i would be realy greatfull guys


    my email is freakyrik@hotmail.com


  5. Avatar
    Gaurav Jain March 06, 2011

    Hey Guys, i m college student in India.. Is there any book shop (like landmark or crossword, etc) from were i can get hard copy of this book????
    pl let me know i m waiting….

  6. Avatar
    Amol Wagh April 18, 2011

    No its an exclusive Ebook. Sorry to let you know that.

  7. Avatar
    Amol Wagh April 18, 2011

    @ Rajat Its not Free

  8. Avatar
    Bikram 40068 August 07, 2011

    i am also using this book and i tired to send it but ur e-mail address is incorrect……
    give me correct e-mail and send me e-mail on bikram.40068@gmail.com

  9. Avatar
    Bikram 40068 August 07, 2011

    hey its free now download from utorrent

  10. Avatar
    Amol Wagh August 22, 2011

    You might have to face copyright infringement from the makers. Please buy original products !

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