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Hortonworks Introduces Real-Time Cybersecurity Threat Detection with Extensible Open Data Models

DATAWORKS SUMMIT/HADOOP SUMMIT — Hortonworks, Inc.® (NASDAQ: HDP) a leading innovator of open and connected data platforms, today announced the general availability of Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform (HCP) powered by Apache Metron. HCP visualizes diverse, streaming security data at scale to aid security operations centers (SOCs) in detecting and responding to threats. The open-source platform is already being used by enterprises to detect cyber threats in real time and build business value through security services.

 “The amount of data that organizations must secure and analyze is simply beyond human scale,” said James Sirota, director of security solutions at Hortonworks. “We’re solving for big-data scale by combining the critical mass of an open source development community with a new automated platform and an extensible open data model that is uniquely adaptable and scalable. With HCP, security teams will be much more productive and can eliminate most needs for lower-level DIY development.”

HCP takes a data-science-based approach to cybersecurity with behavior profiling and machine learning to combat threats as they are escalating. HCP’s extensible open data models are designed to expand reach into different data types relevant to security investigations and provide flexibility for data enrichment and transformation. The result is more security threats thwarted, with better detection, and the reduction of false positives.

For Managed Security Service Providers looking to build out their cybersecurity capabilities, HCP allows security teams and security data scientists to focus on differentiated value, rather than infrastructure. The extensibility of HCP’s framework means emerging new algorithms can be plugged into production quickly. As a result, HCP delivers rapid time-to-value and gives customers and service providers the leverage effect of a whole community and partner eco-system.

Core features of HCP include:

  • Ingest and data enrichment in real-time of security data sources at millions of events per second.
  • Real-time behavior profiling at scale.
  • Petabyte scale storage platform to allow larger training sets and replay when a cyber threat is detected.
  • Rapid production of machine learning, allowing data scientists to work in real-time monitoring environments faster.
  • User interfaces to make SOC analysts more productive and dashboard and notebook interfaces to make data scientists more effective.

“With HCP, our team is able to secure our customers’ data at any scale and eliminate false positives that can easily bog down IT teams,” said Jeffrey de Graaf, vice president of marketing and product management at QSight IT. “The intensive use of AI that is powered by Hortonworks helps us manage and analyze more than one million events for each of our customers every day, ensuring our customers remain operational.”

HCP is powered by Apache Metron, an open source Apache Software Foundation (ASF) project dedicated to providing an extensible and scalable advanced security analytics platform to detect and mitigate security risks in real time. Metron achieved top-level project status in the ASF in April of this year, signifying it has hit a milestone in building a strong community which is essential in combating organized cybersecurity attacks.


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