I/O Digital Blockchain announced the addition of DR. Moe Levin to the Board of advisors

At the second day of the North American Bitcoin conference, The I/O Digital Foundation has made a special announcement during their presentation on main stage. I/O Digital announced the addition of DR. Moe Levin to the I/O Digital Board of advisors.

Dr. Moe Levin is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Keynote, an investor in high-tech startups, and an advisor to governments, regulators, banks, and venture-backed companies.

Some of the projects he has been involved with include The Global Blockchain Council in Dubai (2015 – present) , the harmonized VAT treatment of Bitcoin (2013), The OECD Working Party 9 (2013-2014).

Moe is also the Co-Founder of the first accredited Blockchain Academy, an early investor in RSK Labs, Labfresh, Dropbox, and others. Prior to founding Keynote, Moe was responsible for launching a venture-backed startup in Europe which raised $30m from Richard Branson, Index Ventures and others. In 2014 Moe opened and managed the European expansion of BitPay in the Netherlands.

Moe also organizes the most successful North American and European Bitcoin conventions in Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and Amsterdam, after a long history in the publishing and marketing.

Joel Bosh, Founder of I/O Coin, is extremely proud that Moe chooses to be actively involved in the I/O Digital Blockchain project.

Moe has been following the I/O Digital project for some years. He has earned his tracks in Bitcoin and Blockchain since the early days. With his experience, drive and professional network he would be able to contribute greatly to the world wide expansion and usage of the I/O Digital Blockchain. To be able to announce his addition at the BTC Miami conference – where Moe is the organizer – is fantastic. says Joel ”

The advisory board
Within the I/O Digital Foundation Moe takes place in the Advisory Board. The advisory board consists of top industry experts who advise the Foundation in their field of experience and contribute to the future growth of the Foundation and awareness of the I/O Digital Blockchain and I/O Coin. Moe joins mr. Nadal Antonioni (former IBM Mexico President) , Marco Houweling (senior VP Finance TomTom) and Alexander Noordeloos (Global Alliance Director at KPMG) in the advisory board.

I/O Digital
I/O Digital is gold sponsor at the 2018 Miami Bitcoin conference. Its an Open Source Blockchain project (www.iodigital.io) started in 2014 without ICO or pre-mine. The Blockchain has robust data storage capabilities / facilities (documents, identities, messages, alias etc) and provides a secure, fast and user friendly Blockchain ecosystem for businesses to adopt and use the I/O Digital Blockchain for their application or business. I/O Coin (IOC – www.iocoin.io – traded on Bittrex) is the Digital Currency fueling transactions in the I/O Digital Blockchain.

At the 2018 Miami Bitcoin conference the team released their latest whitepaper explaining all features in detail and roadmap (iodigital.io/roadmap) for 2018.

Key features I/O Digital of the upcoming release are;

Stealth addresses – protecting privacy
Ring signatures – more privacy and stealth – full privacy for enterprise and compliance
Ballots – secret voting
Group messaging – add more people to a secure decentralized chat
Scientific computation – help with cancer treatment
Graduated staking – balanced staking
Chameleon – sidechain and smart contracts

The whitepaper can be dowloaded here (pdf)