Nokia Developer Conference 2009 In India

Nokia is ready to set another benchmark this year for mobile application developers and IT industry by announcing its ‘Nokia Developer Conference 2009’ In Bangalore, India.

The basic concept behind this conference is creating a forum where knowledge of developers across the nation will be shared. Presentation on various mobile technologies, developers success stories and future plans of the developers will be shared by experts from industry in this conference.

With rapid growth in mobile technologies all over the world it is very necessary for all the developers to share the knowledge to face the challenges in the development.

Technologies like Next Generation Network (NGN), Value added services, GPRS are wdely accepted by mobile users so it also one of the necessity that development increases in this field. This forum will provide a space where industry experts and student or professional level developers will together can grow with their knowledge and skills.  Highly skilled persons also will get chance to prove themselves and tie up with biggies for development by means of this forum.

This is not  only good opportunity for mobile developers but also for application developers from Gaming, Media, Music, IT, Aggregators, Content Providers, Network Providers, Broadband Operators as well as students.

Scope for 3G technology is also likely to be discussed in this conference. So I guess, It’s a very outstanding opportunity for all of you to attend  this Forum ‘Nokia Developer Conference 2009’

The venue for the conference is at Trinity, Taj Residency, Bangalore on 20th January, 2009.

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