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POLY AI – Artificial Intelligence base on Blockchain Project


Artificial Intelligence has changed our lives almost entirely by improving human’s health, safety and… Unlike in movies, there’s no flying robots up in the skies. And while the use of AI must be accepted and solved, their bigger potential, beside others such as safe driving, help children with their learning, open and upgrade people’s lives. In reality, helpful applications of AI in schools, houses and hospitals, have developed massively. Universities create divisions to study AI, and technology companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft spend a lot to find different usages of AI which they suppose important to their future. Furthermore, Hollywood also uses technology to bring pessimistic thoughts of AI to the screenplay.
The inventions based on computers, voice recognizations, natural language analizing have given them reasons to change and renew, while advancements of science and technology is happening in related aspects. AI is also changing how people interact with technology. Many people have become familiar with touching and talking to their smartphones. Future relationships between human and machines will be more decorated, smooth and more personalized than ever when AI systems learn how to adapt to personal characteristics and purposes.
These applications using AI will help bringing happiness, warning them of upcoming threads, and providing services when needed or wanted.


The are many definitions around the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence)
• According to Wikipedia, Artificial Intelligence is a type of intelligence run by any man-made system. This term is used to describe computers with undefined purpose and the science aspect studying theories and applications of Artificial Intelligence.
• Bellman (1978) defined: AI is the automation of actions adapting human’s will, such as making decisions, solving mathematic problems…
• Rich anh Knight (1991) said: AI is the science studying how to make computers do human’s work better than itself.
Each definition makes its own point, which are partly correct, but to simplize them, we can understand that AI is a science of computers. It builds a strong theoretic base and can apply in automations of intelligent behaviors. It helps computers having human’s intelligences such as: being able to think, solving problems, communicating, learning and adapting.

The idea of building an AI program first came in November 1950, when the British scholar Alan Turing consider the problem of “Can computers think?”. In order to answer this question, he gave the definition of “the copy test” which is later widely know as “The Turing test”. The test is conducted as a game. There are 3 subjects for the game (2 humans, 1 computer). One human (interrogator) will sit in a separate room from other 2 subjects. This subject will ask questions and receive answers from the other human and computer. In the end, if the interrogator can’t distinguish which answers are from human, which are from computer then we can say the computer is able to “think” like humans.
From 1950 – 1965, scientists such as John McArthy, Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell and Herbert Simon together with students had written codes for computers to solve math problems, prove theories and is able to speak English.
Some achievements of this particular time can be listed are: Samuel’s Chess playing program; Newell & Simon’s reasoning program; Gelernter’s program for proving graphical theories.
In the 60s, studies on AI mainly focus on knowledge performing and man-machine communication by natural languages. However, all of them failed for advancements of computer science had not reached the point where they are possible.
Until 1997, after the historical chess game between Garry Kasparov with IBM’s DeepBlue, the hope of AI was ressurected.
In 2015, the development of cloud computing is at acceptable cost, with a variety of data, developing tools mostly being free or cheap have supported researchers in many ways. Therefore, studies of learning technology for computers, also called neuron systems, became moderately cheap where it once was extremely expensive.
All of those had turned the division of AI grouping lots of major enterprises to join the research, develop and opened the era for Artificial Intelligence. Some notable examples are:
Google purchased AI company DeepMind with 400 million USD – considered one of the biggest trade on the field of AI. Google DeepMind has just built an AI project for the London’s subway system, using the neuron system to store data and browse informations to solve incidents. Google has also presented TensorFlow learning system being free for everyone. The mechanic of this system can be found in sound & image recognition technology and other translation applications.
Facebook is using AI technology to help the blinds “see” through an application on iOS. Besides, this technology is also used by Facebook to create detailed map of populations and internet users around the world. The purpose of this is to help the brand operate the project of bringing Internet to rural areas. Facebook also owns the deep-learning AI technology used to study users’ behavior. In 2010, Facebook had presented the face recognition technology indentifying people on photos posted on social networks.
Apple purchased Vocal IQ to develop Siri further, also to use the voice recognition program from Vocal IQ. Vocal IQ is the author of the voice controlling technology on General Motors’ models, allowing drivers to turn on of off functions on their cars by voice commands.
Elon Musk cooperating with many huge technology companies such as Amazon, LinkedIn and PayPal to develop open source Artificial Intelligence. This free project help developing AI serving people’s need.
Microsoft has the project of Oxford help analizing users’ behaviors, voices, expressions and face through API. Microsoft also presented Future Decoded allowing developers to access facial expression recognition.
IBM is famous for Watson (the computer system being able to answer questions usiong natural languages), IBM using AI to analyze scenarios and meaning of photos, videos, messages and sentences. In 2011, Watson won the Jeopardy, a quiz game show aired in the United States, excellently beaten other human contestants. Not only stoping there, “Doctor” Watson also has about 200 million pages of data (about 1 million books), 16 Terabytes (16 thousand billion bytes) of memory, and capable of computing 80 Teraflops per second. This “doctor” also has 2880 micro-computing processors called POWER7 from IBM. Each of these processors has 4 cores with about 1,2 billion transitors, total of about 3500 billion transitors, 35 times more neurons than a human owns. “Doctor” Watson has enough power to browse 1,5 million records at the same time, including test results, and provide options for doctors in the matter of seconds. Nowadays, many hospitals in Thailand, India and China are starting to bring Watson into computer syustems to serve the purposes of diagnosing and curing.
Until now, AI has played a major part in helping people saving manpower, accelerate automation and computerization of the economy with considerably cheap prices. According to the new reports from the accounting company PwC, global GDP will be increasing by 14% in 2030, with the help of AI.

POLY AI is a studying and developing project for AI using Blockchain technology base.
POLY AI focus on studying and developing AI in Deep Learning – the field which has brough many applications in the recent times for products from Google, Apple or Facebook.
The drawback of Deep learning is that it needs a huge amount of input data for the computer to learn. This process requires time and lots of computing power which only large servers own. If there isn’t enough input data or power, everything can’t go as wanted, result from the computer will not be precise.
POLY AI uses the data storage on the Blockchain, which makes difficulties in hardware for developing and studying disappear completely. Comparing to other uses of cloud computing, the Blockchain is much more safe and secured. With Blockchain, only the uploader can adjust files. No one can access, stop downloading or force delete from the system.
With the strongpoints of Blockchain, POLY AI manages to solve difficulties and will be the new breakthrough in studying and developing AI.
POLY AI has planned for the first generation of AI – Poly 1.0 in 2018, with supporting functions for the market such as pricing Bitcoin and trading supports.


ICO Start Date 1 November 2017
ICO End Date 20 November 2017
Total Tokens Amount 29 000 000 AI
ICO Tokens Amount 5 000 000 AI
Maximum Amount Per Day 250 000 AI
Sell time 15 minutes per day
Currency Accepted Only BTC

Phase 1 ( end on 5 November 2017)
Token Exchange Rate 1 $
Total Tokens Amount 500 000 AI
• Phase 2 ( end on 10 November 2017)
Token Exchange Rate 1.2 $
Total Tokens Amount 1 000 000 AI
• Phase 3 ( end on 15 November 2017)
Token Exchange Rate 1.4 $
Total Tokens Amount 1 500 000 AI
• Phase 4 ( end on 20 November 2017)
Token Exchange Rate 1.6 $
Total Tokens Amount 2 000 000 AI

Whitepaper: https://polynetwork.org/public/whitepaper.pdf
Website: https://polynetwork.org/


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