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The Gig Economy Platform by GigEcoin Makes it Easy to Hire Talent and Find Jobs

The Gig Economy is essentially the industry where temporary and flexible jobs are commonly available. In this industry, companies tend to hire freelancers and independent contractors instead of full-time employees for the long-term as it is cheaper. The Gig Economy Platform by GigEcoin is designed to tackle the issues faced by both businesses and potential employees in this industry.

The solutions provided by the Gig Economy Platform takes the Gig Economy to a new level that has never been seen before.

Here are some of its features:

Settlements can be completed immediately. Typically, hiring talent and finding a job takes a long time due to third party delays. It also requires both employers and employees to pay fees. This platform leverages on blockchain technology to eliminate these challenges, saving time and money for businesses and the public.

Fees are lower. Users of the platform are not charged any transaction fees when they use the platform’s cryptocurrency exchange to exchange GigEcoin to fiat. There are no additional fees placed on transactions between users as well.

Enhanced privacy prevents identity theft. GigEcoin uses a “push” mechanism that allows users to send exactly what they want to merchants and recipients, without compromising any information about their identity. On the other hand, credit card users who use a pin, chip or touch pay, provide merchants with full access to their credit card details for every transaction which can be risky.

Accessibility to an exchange increases convenience. 20%-30% of the working population in the world use gig economy platforms to find independent work for extra sources of income. Having an exchange on the platform makes it easier for users to convert their earnings directly to fiat.

Decentralisation heightens the safety of the platform. Blockchain technology enables a global network of computers to jointly manage the platform’s database that records transactions instead of a central authority or server. As such, the network operates on a peer-to-peer basis.

The platform is highly scalable. The GigEcoin is not bound by exchange rates, interest rates and transaction fees in any country which allows it to be easily used at a global scale by small and large companies in a quick manner.

Furthermore, the platform has been created in the form of a decentralised application (DApp) that can be easily installed on any device. This application is incredibly user-friendly; the process of adding a request for payment, billing and confirming payment can be done within a few clicks. For employers and employees, the Gig Economy Platform can speed up the process of recruitment while also offering the ability to tap into a global talent base which can reduce costs of interview processes.

To download GigEcoin’s Whitepaper and for more information: http://www.gigecoin.com/


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