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Token About A Revolution: ICO Begins for Unique Startup Bringing BTC Futures and Securities Directly to Cryptoholders

The last great ICO of 2017 is about to open to contributors. And the Ankorus contributions phase aims to raise the money for the first great startup of 2018.

Within weeks, the company will be the only entity directly servicing the cryptosphere with CME bitcoin futures. Ankorus will pioneer the introduction of the SEC-regulated broker-dealer model into the crypto world. For the first time, cryptoholders will be able to enjoy the benefits of SIPC insurance, efficient onboarding and account withdrawals, segregated accounts, along with high levels of oversight, audit trails and transparency.

CEO John Cruz commented: “This blending of the best of the traditional financial world with crypto is expected to establish a broad channel between the two worlds and vastly increase liquidity and opportunities for wealth creation – for more people than ever.”

The company’s intentions have not gone unnoticed by the media, within both the cryptosphere and traditional finance. Nasdaq recently reused an article from Bitcoin Magazine which featured the company prominently, alongside Jibrel Network and LAToken.

CEO Cruz commented: “This media shows Ankorus is becoming noticed in both worlds. Ankorus is unique and has no competition. Jibrel is just a blockchain development company and does not have the safeguards and audits that we have as a broker-dealer. LAToken is only a CFD house, offering merely exposure to assets. Ankorus will actually purchase the specific asset customers request and hold it in their name, like any other broker-dealer, such as E*Trade.”

CME’s launching of bitcoin futures before year end is great news for Ankorus. Ankorus expects to be filling orders just weeks after bitcoin futures arrive. Unlike traditional brokers, Ankorus will be able to accept cryptocurrency for the contracts.

“This is a game changer for the crypto world and the best news for the immediate future of Ankorus,” commented CEO John Cruz. “Futures must be traded through a broker-dealer. As a crypto-savvy broker-dealer, and one with its own ERC20 token – the ANK – Ankorus will be uniquely positioned to meet demand from crypto-holders, without their first exiting to fiat currency or dealing with banks.

“With the introduction of bitcoin futures, there’s no longer a need to register with a cryptocurrency exchange, which cuts out issues like long waiting times to open an account and to withdraw your money. There’s no risk of default or hacks, or losing your password. You don’t have to worry about smart wallets.

“Coming through Ankorus, you don’t have to manage a cryptocurrency account. We can just reset your password if you lose it. We do the KYC. Your account is insured. And there’s no risk of exchange default at the CME.”

Ankorus plans to add similar cryptocurrency products, such as bitcoin options, and futures for other cryptocurrencies, as they are introduced

The Ankorus Contribution Phase

The company will begin accepting contributions on Saturday, November 25. Those interested in contributing are invited to visit Ankorus.org from 00:00 UTC.

Firstcomers are incentivised with the chance of receiving a 50% token bonus. The “hard cap” for the crowdsale is set at 150,000 ETH. The public allocation of ANK will be 50 million, from a total of 100 million ANK created (the maximum supply).

The contributions period will close after 30 days, or when the hard cap is met.

Contributions and Website: http://ankorus.org/

Email: (Media): [email protected] (General) : [email protected]
Telegram: (Channel) https://www.t.me/Ankorus (Chat) www.t.me/AnkorusChat
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