In a
unique move to encourage further contributions to its token generation
event (TGE)?—?and as a gesture of goodwill in line with its core value
of wealth creation for all?—?Ankorus is announcing it will return all contributions if its target is not exceeded (less transportation costs. The estimated percentage that will be returned is 99%.)

Contributors will additionally retain all of their allocated ANK tokens, which the company will list on several major exchanges following the end of the token sale period.

CEO John Cruz explained: “There is only an upside?—?this is a message
we want to instill. Those who believed in our model and entrusted us
with their Ether can expect one of two outcomes, depending on whether
our funding target is reached. If it is, our contributors will hold some
valuable ANK tokens. If not, they will be rewarded with our free tokens
and we’ll return their greatly appreciated Ether. It’s a win-win for
our contributors.

“If our crowdfund is well supported, it’s full steam ahead on the plan
laid out in the whitepaper. If not, it’s steady as she goes, and
contributors are rewarded with free tokens and their appreciated

raised amount has already crossed the USD $500,000 mark, demonstrating
significant market validation of the company’s propositions. This
success has been achieved via an organic “grassroots” style campaign
that avoided marketing expense.

Cruz explained: “Our TGE is not like these other ICOs, for at least two
reasons. One, is that we already have an extremely viable business that
will begin in January, so we don’t need the contributions to begin. Two, we will return all
funds if we don’t reach 3,500 Ether. In making this announcement we
hope for an exciting final week while also demonstrating the kind of
trust and opportunity we will represent going forward.”

Ankorus Arrives in January

will begin an OTC cryptocurrency business in January?—?a retail
operation for smaller orders, and a trading desk for institutional
clients and larger retail investors ($100,000?—?$500m). This will be
followed shortly after, expected February 2018, by a bitcoin futures
brokerage, and a cryptocurrencies mutual fund to follow later.

of these businesses represent massive opportunities, both for Ankorus
and its customers,” said CEO Cruz. “Should our token sale exceed our
target, then we will be able to more quickly achieve other milestones,
such as becoming a regulated broker-dealer, developing our AnchorNet trading platform and implementing our DLT blockchain.

potential new funders, think of your contribution as buying an express
ticket, helping us set sail more rapidly. If there’s not enough, we
reimburse you, and you get to enjoy free passage on a steadier journey
with Ankorus!”?

our present contributors, we want to make clear that you’re aboard
already, as ANK holders. If your contribution is returned, we hope you
may remain encouraged to make a good decision twice and buy even more of our tokens?—?because, as you can see, Ankorus is going places.”

The ANK token sale will complete at 23:59 UTC on December 25.