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    www.hackersenigma.com is announcing a green planet campign with three of partners named www.geniushackers.com, www.hackingethics.com and Youth Hackers Club.

    Under this campign we are creating a website named www.greenplanetcampaign.com

    This website will providing you database about green Buildings and other construction techniques. With this threre is also a section about green IT concepts and implementations.

    www.greenplanetcampaign.com will be launched on this Engineers Day (15th September)

    This Green Campaign will be promoted through our partners and also Times of India in Nashik City.

    We are reaching the international audience of almost 5 lacs through our promotion.

    This campign is just an awareness campaign so as to serve the community as a civil engineering student.

    The campign databse is created by civil engineering students of my college SNJB’s College of Engineering and I will be very thankful of them for that.

    More information about campaign will be available on my blog hackersneigma.com from the 1st of september.

    Thank You,

    Amol Wagh


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