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Vulnerability Assessment

Basic Terms:

Vulnerability: Drawback of a system through which hackers intrude in a network and get space to try attacks on administrators. Vulnerability is also known as Security Hole.

Exploit: By taking advantage of the vulnerabilities when the attack is performed is called as exploit of the vulnerability. There can be different exploit for the same vulnerability.

Scenarios When Vulnerability Assessment is Performed:

          Now Vulnerability assessment test is the initial test of any network for security.

          The test is done when priority of work is very low.

          Also at the initial set up of the network test is performed.

          Before carrying out a penetration test also vulnerability assessment is done.

          Performing the test consist of :

          Gathering basic information about configuration of the subjected network.

          Dividing the network according to priorities.

          This test is performed by automated scanners.

          Web vulnerability scanners, network vulnerability scanners are the basic types.

Finalization of Assessment:

When we perform such tests the software suggests us where the drawbacks are and where security can be increased. It also suggests the ways to secure them. But it only detects common vulnerabilities not the one that exists uniquely and that are minimized by penetration tests.

Now the results of all assessment on various parts of network brought together.

They are analyzed and corresponding security majors are taken to remove such drawbacks.

After securing them, assessments are repeated again and again to ensure the maximum security.

Vulnerability assessment is always a better tests than any other as it is econmomical and experts are not needed for such tests. But still it is not used on  networks where sensitive databases are stored.


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