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Baby’s Mind Visualized: BabyLook

Press Release

updated: Jul 17, 2018 08:16 PDT

viv Limited (head office: Hong Kong, sales office: Long Beach, CEO: Kyo Ueda), a company that plans, develops, and manages projects to “visualize the minds of children” using artificial intelligence technology, is set to launch an Indiegogo campaign on July 19 for new product “BabyLook”. The product utilizes the company’s AI platform to alleviate frustration and worries that come with baby care.

What is BabyLook?
We have conducted market research between 2015-2016 via online and face-to-face questionnaires to over 2000 mothers of 20-30 years old in the U.S.

Based on the questionnaire results, BabyLook has three main functions that reflect the mother’s needs.

  1. Visualize a baby’s mind
  2. Manage the health of babies through health tracking system
  3. Connect family members in order to increase cooperation

1. Visualize the 
baby’s mind
Let’s say the baby suddenly started crying. Does he have a fever? Is he hungry? Or he might just be sleepy… Since babies cannot speak, often times it is difficult to understand how a baby is feeling, especially for new mothers. BabyLook will display the baby’s feeling simply by launching BabyLook app on your smartphone and recording the baby’s face for a few seconds.

2. Manage the health of babies through health tracking system.
A baby’s condition can change very quickly. In recent years, issues such as prevention of SIDs have attracted much attention as a matter of life and death for babies. BabyLook regularly collects “heart rate,” “blood oxygen,” “quality of sleep,” and “body temperature” data by getting feedback from the wearable technology around a baby’s ankle. This process allows for the detection of abnormal situation and issues emergency alerts to predestinated users.

3. Connect family members in order to increase cooperation
The stress and fatigue from baby caring tend to accumulate over time, and not only it affects the mother’s physical condition but also the rest of the family as a whole, including the baby. This is why BabyLook has wearables for mothers. The wristband measures her fatigue and stress levels by monitoring the “heart rate” and “quality of sleep” and helps achieve the timely support of the mother by notifying other family members.

Product structure
The BabyLook is made up of wearable for mothers and babies, as well as an app and the deep learning system.

About the Technology
This project has successfully collected infant related big data under the cooperation of more than 500 nurseries and kindergartens mainly in Japan, which are under ongoing analysis by different specialists such as pediatricians, professors of the university, kindergarten teachers, etc.

Data collection method is achieved by installing fixed cameras and shooting videos.
The fixed camera gathers 20 frames of data per second by facial recognition and facial expression analysis functions.

The system collects basic information from the data such as”7 types of emotions”, “location,” “who else is nearby,” and “time.” Our experts and specialists label additional information such as what the child was actually feeling at that moment as well as environmental causes that might have influenced that feeling.

Our AI learns the correlations between this information enabling itself to guess children’s feeling based on given data. Currently, our research focuses on detecting feelings that directly influence the health of children, including sleepiness, fatigue, signs of fever or choking. With the accumulation of more data in the near future, we would be able to understand various other feelings.

Future Outlook
The project target parents in the age range between the 20s to early 30s, with children between 0-4 years old, with affinities for technologies in the US, Japan, and China. In the long run, we plan to open our AI platform, so that anyone can support and contribute to it.
We aim to develop the system into a unique AI platform that will enable children to develop healthily that enables “visualize baby’s mind,” “early detection and prevention of critical incidents,” and “visualization of potentials (capture each child’s developmental cues).”

Eventually, this platform would use blockchain technology to enable engineers and researchers from all over the world to participate in the development of child research and to develop an effective child-rearing support platform for children living in worldwide to grow in a healthy manner.
After the Indiegogo launch, we plan to raise 1 million dollars in funding by December of 2018.

Company Information
viv Limited is a company that plans, develops, and manages projects to “visualize baby’s mind” using artificial intelligence technology. Since 2013, we have studied how facial expressions can be used as indicators of human behavior. In recent years we have been researching a method to realize effective communication in the context of child-rearing using “Facial expression,” “biological information,” “environmental cues” and have successfully collected infant related big data from over 500 collaborating nurseries and kindergartens. We have been receiving financial support from the Hong Kong government and the Japanese Education Support Foundation, as well as technical collaboration with various institutes including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Kobe University, etc.

Location(s): 100 W Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802, USA
Chief Executive Officer: Kyo Ueda
Year of founding: May 2010
Product sit URL: http://babylook.mom
Company site URL: http://viv.co.jp

Contact Information
viv Limited
Charles Chul Min Park

Source: viv Limited


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