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Wysdom.AI to Discuss What It Takes to Ensure Conversational AI Actually Works at TC3 Summit

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updated: Oct 11, 2018 09:00 EDT

The 11th annual Telecom Council Carrier Connections (TC3) Summit is quickly approaching, and while leading carriers will be sharing roadmaps, technology, and use cases as part of their digital transformations, Wysdom.AI will be speaking about what it takes to ensure conversational AI actually works well.

On October 17-18, 2018 in Silicon Valley, Ian Collins, CEO of Wysdom.AI will be sharing the most important lessons learned after years of operating conversational AI in telco and other industries. He’ll be addressing questions like: “How much maintenance do conversational interfaces require?”, “What skillsets and tools are needed for maintaining and improving the AI?”, and “What else is needed to ensure the success of conversational AI?”

“Unprecedented advancements in AI, natural language understanding and the rise of conversational interfaces are creating exciting new opportunities for businesses. Understanding what support conversational AI needs day-to-day is critical for success in the long-term,” says Collins. 

Liz Kerton, President & CEO at the Telecom Council agrees. “It’s an amazing time for companies considering conversational AI as a way to elevate customer experiences or create a digital workforce to complement and empower customer service teams. Bringing leading companies like Wysdom.AI to TC3 will help ensure attendees know what it takes to be successful as they consider conversational AI.”

Join us at TC3, or get in touch at www.wysdom.AI

About Wysdom.AI

The easiest way for businesses around the world to offer conversational AI that actually works. Built on nearly a decade of research and patented technology innovation, Wysdom transforms the way conversational AI learns from customers and gets better every day. We offer the only comprehensive conversational AI service, with cutting-edge AI management tools, tech, a massive library of AI training data, and an AI training practice to ensure your solution performs well. Established in 2012, we are trusted by leading brands and have enterprise deployments in North America, Latin America, and Europe. Get in touch at wysdom.ai.

About TC3 Summit 

This 2-day annual executive summit focuses on the innovation activities and priorities of global telecom carriers and vendors and connects them with ideas, startups, investors, R&D groups, and innovation. This year’s highlights include 4 tracks (Networks, Comtech, IoT, and Autotech) plus tech scouts, telco case studies, startups, matchmaker meetings, demo tables, a cocktail, and Awards ceremony, and 7 hours of facilitated networking. For more information and registration options, please visit www.telecomcouncil.com/tc3.

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