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Bigbom and Tomochain Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

Bigbom is proud to announce that it has joined forces with Tomochain to form a long-term collaboration in startup acceleration. At the Blockchain Innovation Talk, hosted by Bigbom, Mr. Vung Nguyen from Bigbom and Dr. Long Vuong from Tomochain signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

During the talk, six high-profile panel members discussed several topics relating to blockchain, cryptocurrency and investments. Next to Mr. Vung Nguyen (Bigbom) and Dr. Long Vuong (Tomochain), the panel included the likes of Mr. Li Ni (VP of Wanchain), Mr. Zack Piester (Tokendeck.io), Dr. Loi Luu (Founder of Kyber Network) and Dr. David Nguyen Vu (Founder of Blockchain Intelligence Group).

Following this talk, which occurred on March 7, Bigbom hosted a Private Vietnam Crypto party at night. Dr. Loi Luu and Dr. Long Vuong were the guests of honor, and were presented as advisors to the Bigbom projec. They will be utilizing their experience and skills to assist Bigbom in their efforts to disrupt the advertising industry.

Bigbom is a dApp which aims to solve several problems within the world of advertising. It does so by providing a smart-contract solution for multi-advertising models such as CPC, CPM and CPA. This smart-contract enables advertisers, publishers and ad platforms to perform their actions efficiently and securely. By integrating with the Tomochain technology, Bigbom will have near-zero transaction fee, faster confirmation time and a much higher transaction capacity, compared to those on Ethereum. An MVP will be available before the launch of the ICO, and a roll-out of the Bigbom system is planned to over 15,000 members of Haravan. The ecosystem is powered by the Bigbom token: BBO.

Bigbom will be launching its ICO for the BBO token on April 10, and has already garnered a lot of attention within the industry. More information about Bigbom, including the white paper, can be found at Bigbom.com.


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