Comodo and 451 Research to Explore the Most (and Least) Effective Endpoint Protection Approaches in Upcoming Webinar

 Comodo, a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions, today announced that it will team with Fernando Montenegro, senior information security analyst at 451 Research, to discuss the most (and least) effective ways to secure your endpoints from today’s ransomware, backdoors and other malware threats.

 Montenegro will join Comodo Senior Research Scientist and NATO Cyber Centre Ambassador Kenneth Geers and Comodo Director Marco Coulter, as they explore the evolving cyberthreat landscape. To combat these modern cyber risks, they will discuss how rethinking endpoint security can improve security posture and usability while reducing complexity and costs.

“Information security professionals are struggling with endpoint security ‘expense-in-depth,’ while threats mount and vulnerabilities persist,” said Montenegro. “Traditional endpoint security approaches are no match for the current dynamic threat environment. Current endpoint security deployments can be overly complex with multiple point products to manage, sometimes introducing gaps in security and inefficiencies in operations. New approaches are needed, and a ‘default deny’ mindset is worth exploring.”

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) provides a complete solution, including the industry’s only default deny posture, which automatically wraps unknown applications/executables in an isolated container and blocks known bad ones, with default allow usability. Default deny can prevent infection, ending the malware problem once and for all.

To learn about this innovative approach and hear our experts’ endpoint security recommendations for your company’s needs, sign up for the webinar below.


  • Kenneth Geers, senior research scientist, Comodo
  • Fernando Montenegro, senior analyst, 451 Research
  • Marco Coulter, director, Comodo

What: “The Endpoint Protection Problem Revisited: The Analyst View” webinar

When:    Tuesday, Oct. 3, 201710 a.m. PT


  • Whether sandboxing, containment, whitelisting, machine learning, A.I., or some combination of these approaches can best secure your endpoints
  • The answers to your endpoint and cybersecurity questions and concerns
  • Our experts’ recommendations and suggestions to improve your security posture
  • The facts about usability and ideal security posture tradeoffs