Mavin: Reward-Based Influencer Marketing on the Blockchain

Mavin will launch their ICO on November 21st 2017. The Swiss startup will utilize blockchain technology to tokenize and revolutionize the way brands and agencies connect, incentivize and reward social media nano influencers for spreading content across their busy networks.

Through the aggregation and marketing power of micro and nano influencers into single campaign entities, Mavin outperforms the traditional target advertising market through significantly higher ROI and engagement rates. At the same time, it reduces handling costs and advertising spends through blockchain technology, smart contracts and microtransactions.

Mavin’s AI-powered quality verification framework allows micro and nano-targeting at a brand new level, whilst also offering transparent KPI measurement and disruptive return rates. All transactions are handled through Mavin’s MVN tokens, the platform’s internal currency that powers the payment, reward and verification system. The utilization of blockchain technology allows the micro-payments to be 10-times cheaper than traditional micro-payments, allowing instant payments to influencers, and giving Mavin the upper-hand against competitors.

The Mavin platform builds a bridge between marketers, agencies, brands and influencers. Together, they combine to create a market size of several hundred million dollars. The decline of traditional television and the growth of social media have given rise to influencer marketing, now one of the fastest growing categories in advertising – which is projected to be a $5 billion to $10 billion market by 2020.

Daniel Jazbec, one of the 4 co-founders and CEO of Mavin is sure that the platform will disrupt the Influencer marketing market:

“Mavin differs from other influencer marketing platforms in that its user base is bottom up, starting from the very small nano influencers. A typical platform struggles with the sheer number of influencers they need to handle and reward – that is one of the reasons nano and micro influencers have fewer opportunities compared with their bigger competitors. Mavin is based on a blockchain-based application with a self-maintained quality verification framework – an approach that lays the foundation for a highly scalable platform that is able to maintain high-quality standards.”