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Stem cell therapy for everyone? Japanese startup plans to make it possible

Hollywood star Cate Blanchett swears by it. Actor Tarek El Moussa just got it done. Celebrity TV star Caroline Stanbury got herself one too. Rafael Nadal was looking at a career end had he not done it, and legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus would have stopped playing if he would not have done this. So what is this common thread that binds all of these celebrities? They have all undergone some type of stem cell therapy.

Ever so often we hear about news on the miraculous stem cell therapy and its limitless potential to treat ills and to make one look young again. There is huge interest for stem cells and the collective monthly volume of keywords that people search for on the internet is a whopping 190,000! So what are stem cells and how do they work?

What are stem cells and how can they help?

Our body is made of trillions of different types of cells. Each of them has a different role to play. Stem cells are pluripotent, meaning, they can, under the right circumstances, have the ability to become any type of cell. These cells play a vital role in regenerating old and damaged tissue and are part of the body’s renewal processes.

In stem cell therapy, an individual’s own stem cells (after removal from the body) are grown in lab conditions. These stem cells will grow exponentially, thereby increasing their numbers. They are then injected into the body. By virtue of their inherent characteristic, they will travel to the area where cells are weakened or need repair. Here, stem cells proliferate and mature into the cells of that region and provide the much needed vigour and vitality. This helps in healing and regeneration of the tissue.

How stem cell therapy has helped these celebrities

Stem cell therapy is not only for halting the aging process, it can serve multiple purposes. Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal underwent stem cell therapy in 2014 to repair his back cartilage after the injury threatened his career. Basketball star Kobe Bryant received stem cell therapy for his knee injuries in 2011 and since has remained an unstoppable force in the NBA elevating his legendary status.

Quadriplegic Argentinian politician Jorge Rivas underwent stem cell therapy that has allowed him to slowly regain some of his faculties. Joseph Estrada, the controversial former president of the Philippines, also underwent stem cell therapy to treat his knee pain. It also helped him cure his insomnia, improved skin tone and increased vitality.

Stem cell therapy costs a mini fortune?

With all the celebrities flying to specific locations for their stem cell treatments, it would seem that stem cell therapy is available only in very few hospitals or clinics around the world. It also means that it is expensive and in some cases cost a mini fortune. For instance, Jack Nicklaus apparently paid around $10,000 for the treatment plus other expenses (travel and stay in Germany).

So what does stem cell therapy mean to you? Is it only actors, sportstars, politicians and uber-rich individuals who need stem cell therapy? Certainly not. All of us are living lives of stress – physical, psychological and environmental. All of us are prone to difficult injuries and chronic illnesses. And sometimes the only way to treat these is regenerative medicine – firing the body’s own mechanism to heal itself rapidly and sustainably. But how can we afford stem cell therapy?

There is hope for us all

Stem Cell Project is an ambitious endeavour to popularize stem cell therapy and make it accessible and affordable for the masses.

The most important and fascinating aspect of Stem Cell Project is the creation of a cryptocurrency-based payment platform where individuals will be able to pay for their therapies through cryptocurrencies. This will solve the problem of cross-border payments and the various restrictions and regulations that control it, like amount of foreign exchange one can carry as well as inter-currency exchange.

Stem Cell Project will engage in cutting edge research to bring about the pharmaceuticalization of stem cells so that over-the-counter formulations are available to the masses at affordable costs. It will also set up hospitals and speciality centres that provide stem cell therapies for a variety of disorders.

Stem cell therapy holds immense promise as we look at a future where health has become a priority thanks to a lifestyle and environmental pollution that makes us prone to diseases. But only through better research can this novel therapeutic methodology become affordable for the masses. Stem Cell Project is a platform that seeks to do just that.

If you think stem cell therapy is only for celebrities, Stem Cell Project plans to prove you wrong. The project runs the crowdsale of its SCC tokens and the most exciting thing is that you can become a part of it already today.

The first phase presale is currently live and will end on September 15, 2018. In this phase, the SCC Token is being offered at a price of USD 0.10 (JPY 11,11) per token. From September 16 till October 15, 2018, the second presale phase will run where 400,000,000 SCC will be available for sale at a price of USD 0.12 (JPY 13.33) per token. The Public Sale will commence on October 16 and will run till October 30, 2018, wherein 200,000,000 SCC will be available to the public at a price of USD 0.14 (JPY 15.5) per token.

During all the stages tokens can be purchased for BTC, ETH, NEO cryptocurrencies. Overall, the Soft Cap for the sale is USD 2 million and the Hard Cap is set at USD 125 million.

For more information on Stem Cell Project, please visit the official website and join the communities on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news on the project.


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