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Hacking Site For Everyone To Learn Great Things

I was just surfing google and i came across a site viz. ‘Hack This Site’ This site is free and promotes noobs, learners and hackers to learn, hack and show out their skills.

This site is an open learning environment run by online hackers and anarchists. It provides articles on hacking, resources, hacking challenges and discussion on the latest happening in the world of Hackers and Hacking. Beside ample of learning knowledge provided and discussions, wargames on hacking challenges of following topics are available for its user (registration is free) :

Realistic Missions : You are given websites with security flaws and you work as a freelance hacker. Many organisation provide you with what you have to do and you have to hack it for social cause. The tricks learned in this challenge can be applied in real world too.

Application Challenges : You require in-depth knowledge about programming and operating system and it test the manipulation of applications on your machine.

Basic Web Hacking : It deals with the Client Server HTTP web hacking.

Logical Challenge : A hacker must have a very clever thinking, so in this section they have to solve puzzles viz. are not related to programming or say computer itself. It helps in developing the mind of a hacker.

Stegonography Challenges : Everyone have to hide something for which encryption is important and this section deals with all the encryption related stuffs.

Javascript Challenges : Javascripts are no longer used to give effects, they are now used to develop applications which helps in hacking out stuffs. You have to overcome this one too.

Extbasic challenges : Reading code is the simplest way to find exploits. Nothing more need be said.

HTS (Hack This Site) is a open community where all users can contribute and develop the site. It has a very friendly atmosphere and owes an IRC channel too where users can play Q&A games on and related to Hacking.

Plus it has its own store where users can buy clothes, mugs, mousepad with their logo for home and office use in daily life.

You can visit this site @ www.hackthissite.org


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