The technology behind Ethereum and Deep Learning come together to create Beth

Press Release: Beth announces the availability of the first ever closed-end fund focused on applying the latest advances in deep learning research combined with financial expertise from June 5, 2017.

May 7, 2017, Tokyo, Japan – Four entrepreneurs from Japan are proud to introduce Beth, a new generation investment fund. The group is headed by Dr. Seiji Yoshizaki and his partner Hayato Takano.

What is Beth?

Beth is the first ever closed-end fund focused on applying the latest advances in deep learning research combined with financial expertise. We have been working from May 2016 till Sept 2016 in designing the basic concept of Beth.

How is Beth beneficial for investors?

Beth will provide an opportunity for investors to invest in a new generation fund system, by implementing Deep Learning techniques to reduce risks and complications. This innovative solution will allow investors to obtain great returns of the investment. Beth serves as a gateway for numbers of investors who wanted to be part of a new decentralized economy.

This is something that many Wall Street investment funds are already experimenting to maximize profits and optimize their efforts. We decided that it is time to generate equality for all by pulling down technological barriers and guaranteeing access to the latest technology to any interested investor.

The portfolio may be monitored by any investor thanks to our monitoring and auditing tools. In addition, external bimonthly auditions will be conducted to provide the necessary transparency to investors.

How does the system works?

We are developing complex trading models and strategies with the possibility of learning, developing and improving over time.

Thanks to the technology behind Beth and the trading models developed, she will be able to choose her investment approach and vary the strategies in a self-determined way (monitored by our team at all times) according to the conditions and moments of the market. Beth will be backed by High performance computing systems but we expect to migrate to, if at the time of our launch the state of development of these proposals is mature enough.

Beth Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

At Beth, users will be allowed to take part in the initial coin offerings. Additionally, they can avail the offering from 5th of June till 20th of June, 2017. During the ICO, 100% of the tokens will be distributed, that is, 20,000,000 of Beth Tokens (Total Supply). The number of the Beth Tokens allowed for purchase by one user is unlimited at fixed price of $0,50 per Beth Token. The Beth Tokens will be issued only once and serve as proof of membership of their holders in the Beth Fund.

The Beth tokens will provide to their holders a right to receive 60% of quarterly profits and 25% of profit will be reinvested back into the portfolio, this is 85% of the profits to the investors, nobody offer something like this.

The distribution of the profits will be realized through an Ethereum Smart Contract so that it will be automated.

As a part of the Beth ICO, investors will receive bonuses. On the first day, they will receive a bonus of 30%, 25% on the second day and 15% in the next five days.

The allocation of funds will be 70% to portfolio, 15% will be used to cover operations expenses and the rest will be used as reserve funds hedged in BTC and ETH.

We are willing to launch Beth Beta in July, 2017. Moreover, we are planning to initiate our first training session for Beth in June till October 2017.

The launch of the “Beth Fund” is planned for the end of October 2017.



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